This class is an introduction to the basic elements of ballet utilizing play and imagery. These classes help with coordination, gross & fine motor skills, musical awareness and listening skills. In this class children will study the 1st and 2nd foot position and will be introduced to the barre.


This class will use the barre more and will learn 3rd foot position and the 5 positions of the arms. Students will work on their centre in order to develope strength and balance. Students will learn important technique and dance terminology whilst studying Folk dance from different countries.


More Experienced Student

The class will continue to develope techniques learned in Ballet 1 & 2. This class will use the barre and will learn 4th and 5th foot position. Students will advance their techniques and dance terminology whilst studying Folk dance from different countries.


Advanced Students

Ballet will be taught in different levels according to previous experience and age. The class will continue to develope techniques learned in previous levels and will start pointé. (Pointé is an extension of serious ballet training.) Students will work more on their center in order to develope strength, balance, and flexibility.


Fully Advanced

This class is for the more advance student who is looking to improve their technique strength, balance, flexibility and poise.

Adult Ballet

This is a mixed ability class and will be taught according to previous experience. We offer you fun and fitness with no ties. Ballet is a great way to tone your body and get back in shape - come along and have a go, you might just like it!




This class will introduce the student to basic rhythm and will progress to use ball and heel of foot. The classes help build strength and flexibility and speed.

TAP 2/3

More Experienced Student

This class will continue to develope proper tap technique and producing clear tap sounds whilst having fun. Students will start to build on their knowledge and be encouraged to make their own rhythms.


Advanced Students

This class will become increasingly more complex and intricate, focusing on speed, sound and technique.


Fully Advanced

This class are for students who have mastered the other classes and need to work on combinations of simple and complex rhythms, speed, technique and terminology.

Adult Tap

Tap is offered in different levels according to previous experience and age. Tap is an exciting art that focuses on rhythm and precision. Tap dance enables a dancer to create a percussive sound with their feet. Exercises focus on building flexibility of the knee and ankles, coordination, and speed of movement. The class emphasis is on developing proper tap technique, producing clear tap sounds, and having fun. As students progress through each level curriculum will become increasingly more complex and intricate.


Urban Street

If you would like to learn how to do tricks and stunts whilst increasing your stamina and swagger, this is the class for you.

Mini Crew

  • Start of street/urban dance
  • Basic tricks & stunts in a safe way
  • Simple routines
  • Individuals pace
  • Show off individual styles

Senior Crew

  • More advanced routines
  • Tricker steps, stunts & routines
  • Harder and Faster
  • Enter regional competitions as a duet, crew or solo

Ladies Dance Fit

This is a fun class that will get you bopping around giggling and burning calories. We aim to tone your body and improve your fitness in a relaxed and enjoyable way.


A new you

  • All shapes & sizes welcome
  • Simple routines to music
  • Low & high impact to suit all levels
  • Resistance bands to aid toning
  • Stretching to improve flexibility



Tiny Tots

Small fun & friendly group that aims to teach children in a relaxed and enjoyable manner without too many strange faces. We use flags, wands, teddys/dolls, scarves and musical instruments.


Stars begin here

  • Improve gross & fine motor skills
  • Learn letters & numbers in a fun way
  • Explore movement and dance
  • Toys to explore
  • Songs & nursery rhymes with actions
  • Story time with drink and snack


  • Improved techniques for arm lines and use of head
  • Contemporary dance steps & style
  • Learn to express music/character of your choice



  • Classical Mythical Greek
  • Basic movements building to higher level
  • All freeze & angle lines
  • Mythical Greek Pandora, Imps of the forest etc



  • Core Strength
  • Flexibility

Private Lessons

Book to have a one to one lesson on any dance style.



In this class you will learn special routines in different styles eg Tap, Ballet, Modern, street, Greek, Folk Dance & Musical theatre etc You will need full costumes suitable for the routine. Once you have become competant at this level you will have the opportunity to perform the rountine(s) in the Regional Dance Festivals against other dance and performing art schools.