Hello my name is Lisa.

I started to learn to dance at the young age of just 2 years old under the guidance of my mother, Miss Bettie Vowles who ran the Westbury School of Dance in Bristol.

I was the youngest of five children, three boys and two girls.

My mother taught us all to dance and perform on the stage but sadly only myself and my sister continued to dance past childhood.

I loved performing, dancing and singing both on stage and in festivals, winning many medals and trophies along the way.

From the age of 14, I worked alongside my mother, helping out with the younger pupils and, as I got older, helping out with choreography for shows and dance festivals.

I then started up an adult fun tap class called Lisa's Tappers, which ran successfully under the wing of my mothers dance school.

Sadly in 1999 my mother lost her fight against cancer and her very successful and leading dance school had to close.

I continued with the adult tap classes which grew in strength from once a week to three times a week.
After having my own children I realised that I missed teaching younger members, so with a lot of encouragement and support from my husband, my brother Tim and his wife, I decided to start to teach children too.

I started my own dance school using the wealth of knowledge and training my mother gave me.

However, I wanted to make sure it was fun with no exams or set uniforms as I never really enjoyed taking exams or having to wear uniform which never flattered my cuddly shape! I loved performing and I knew that there were other talented children and adults who love to dance and perform for fun too.

The Stepping Out School of Dance offers students from birth upwards a golden chance to gain self-confidence, self-expression and to develop a dance style of their own.

They can go on to perform on stage, and in shows and dance festivals, while having non-stop fun!
We enter between 3 and 4 regional dance festivals and shows each year, the young and the not so young always enjoy dressing up in costumes and putting their best foot forward.

We also take this opportunity to help raise money for charity.

Our dance school has a lovely family atmosphere and is enjoyed by all especially on Saturday mornings to catch up on the latest gossip!

Wages aren't taken as the school is my heart and all who attend are like my extended family.

If you would like any further information, please e-mail or phone me for a more personal talk.

Lisa Pugh